Monday Mingle on Tuesday

Yes, I am a slacker! I am just now getting around to answering Eighty MPH Mom’s Monday Mingle questions! So, tell me about your mail too!

One Comment on “Monday Mingle on Tuesday”

  • Jenine June 15th, 2011 12:23 am

    Wow – you check the mail more than anyone I know. If it wasn’t for having to pay bills on time, I’d prefer just to not get it. Too much junk.

    We do online banking as well but the paper bills are a good reminder for us (read: me). 🙂

    I’m terrible about sending things as well. I just don’t have time these days with kids running around. And the postage! Woah – the postage! And they want people to keep sending things? Not at those rates.

    Nice meeting you on your mingle!

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