10 Tips for Kids & Stress Free Road Trips

This is how I pack a kids’ bin

Last week I gave you all a list of 10 tips for stress free road trips. And this week I give you a few tips of traveling with kids! A little extra planning for our little people means we actually can have a good vacation too!!!

1) When you walk out the door every kid is carrying their special sleeping buddy/blanket/necessity!!! #1 Rule!!!
2) Cups with lids and no-mess snack bags for the car ride.
3) Keep a list of all the kids’ stuff you take! Yes, it goes with the pack list.
4) Use a small bin to hold all the kids’ stuff. Keeps it together in the car and easily transports into the hotel.
5) Audio books from the library and free audio books online for the car ride.
6) Take minimal toys/books/activities for the kids. There will be so many things going on during your trip. You won’t need as much to keep them busy.
7) Take a toy/activity for the kids that is new to them!
8) When you arrive at your destination take the kids on a tour of the space they will be using. Point out what they can and can’t do/touch!
9) Take a laptop with a couple of movies along with a cord for the tv. Hotel tv is notoriously bad for kids.
10) Take a step stool and pump soap (we like foamy soap) for the kids!

One thought on “10 Tips for Kids & Stress Free Road Trips”

  1. I love the bin idea, my kids have a bag, but a bin would probably keep all their things together a lot better! Thanks.

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