The Tools of The Minecraft Trade


Today I am talking all about tools! To do pretty much anything on Minecraft that is fun you need tools. There are a couple of different materials you can use to make your tools stronger. A lot of these are in Its So Shiny and Minecraft-y.

I am going to list the materials from weakest to strongest with some tips about them in the tool business:

  • Wood: This is what you should start with because it doesn’t take any tool to get but don’t use these for long they are very weak and super slow.
  • Cobblestone: This is your normal one because this is pretty strong and easy to get. To get cobblestone you need a pickaxe (look below) and you just dig it out.
  • Iron: This is for quick work and you can dig out more precious metals with these. If you want quick fast work this is what you want
  • Gold:  This isn’t very good for tools because Gold breaks very easily but it is very good for enchanting
  • Diamond: This is the most epic metal and perfect for high danger areas. This is for special stuff not for just grabbing some wood.

Here are all the different basic tools

  • Pickaxe: This is pretty much the most important tool in Minecraft. This is used to dig out cobblestone and everything other than dirt in the ground.
  • Shovel: This is used to dig out dirt, gravel, clay and sand.
  • Sword: This is the main fighting tool in Minecraft but you can’t use it for anything else.
  • Axe: This is used for chopping wood and breaking down anything that has wood in it. I used to not use this but it makes everything so much quicker
  • Hoe: This is very necessary but you only probably need one. Before you plant anything you need to hoe the ground with, you guessed it, a hoe. Often I make this out of iron because then you don’t need make a new one very often.

These are all you need to know about the basic Tools Of The Minecraft Trade but there is still more tools to discover. Be sure to comment and tell me your favorite tools.          


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