10 Days of Nerdy Fun


I am so excited that I will be hosting 10 Days of Nerdy fun in conjunction with a great group of homeschool bloggers. Every day, starting July 11th, I will be posting another idea for some nerdy fun on NerdFamily and will be posting a link here! So make sure to come back everyday to see what nerdy goodness I have for you. 

Day 1: 5 Free Online Math Game Site 
Day 2: Directed Lego Play 
Day 3: 10 Movies Based on Books to Watch with Your Kids 
Day 4: 3 Steps to Puzzle Storage Zen 
Day 5: Concept: Entertaining for Kids and Engaging for Adults! 
Day 6: Fun with Coding  
Day 7: Fun around the Lego Site 
Day 8: How to be like the Avengers in Minecraft: Costumes 
Day 9: 10 Math Games with Playing Cards 
Day 10: 10 Fun & Educational Youtube Channels & Playlists

And make sure to check out all the other great tips, tricks, and ideas for homeschoolers (and the rest of the world) that are linked below!!!


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