10 Tips & Truths for Potty Training

10 tips potty training

1) There isn’t a way to potty train! There is not 1 magic method or tact that works at a certain age or with every kid! This is just hints and tricks.

2) Go with your instincts! You are the parent and know everyone in the situation best!

3) At about 2 years old, put out the potty chair if you are going to use one. They get curious;).

4) Wait for the kids to show some sort of interest before you get serious. This isn’t a die hard rule but a good rule of thumb. I have heard of kids developing potty issues when they are rushed! This doesn’t mean you can’t try it, just don’t demand. No matter what we want, we can not actually make a child use the toilet.

5) Spring/Summer is a great time to potty train! It is warmer so they can run around in undies. And when there are accidents there is just physically less clothes to wash! And you can send them outside so if there are accidents they aren’t on your couch;).

6) One popular tact is the all in theory. Usually a 3 day model is effective. It means you toss all you diapers and go straight undies. Plan on being home at least 3 days straight!

7) Another popular tact is the gradual. First set up times to try every day. A firm schedule on this helps! I usually schedule them around sleep and food. So when they get up, go to the bathroom. When they wash up to eat, try going to the bathroom. Focus first on the trying then the actually going! Our rewards started with letting them wear pull ups so they didn’t have to lay down and get changed.

8) Bribery works! But be thoughtful. Food can be good but consider if that is a path you want to go down. We also would change what the reward was worth;). Once they master one thing make them perform more for the same reward. Once my youngest could stay dry all day she no longer got 1 gummy bear every time she peed. Then she had to poop to get a gummy bear.

9) Age and potty training varies by kid. Boys tend to potty train later and with more effort than girls. It isn’t always true but often is. But just because 1 girl was interested at 25 months doesn’t mean the next girl will.

10) With out other factors, kids don’t go to kindergarten in diapers. Chill!!! It will happen eventually;).

4 thoughts on “10 Tips & Truths for Potty Training”

  1. I’m struggling with the three-year-old Frat Boy right now. So sick of changing diapers, but he absolutely does not want to train…waiting for summer to go all in.

    That noise you just heard is me banging my head against the wall.

  2. Thank you for sharing these tips! You’re right that there’s not one right way to potty-train. As a mom of five, my kids have done it in different ways and at different ages. Definitely try to be patient and have grace, especially when they’re on their 3rd or 4th accident of the day. 😉

  3. I don’t know, I knew someone who got called into a parent teacher conference because their son was still in pullups for kindergarten. They really hadn’t tried to potty train him though, just switched from diapers to pullups which are really the same thing.

    Going straight to underwear worked for us. Yes, it is a mess for a while but it works. It is worth it! I also started with 3 m&ms every time my son went potty. We got peeing down pat but he wouldn’t poop in the potty. Finally I said if he’d poop in the potty, he would get a new train (Thomas & Friends) and that did it. He really wanted that train.

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