2 Accessories from Lenovo You Must Grab Now!


Right now Lenovo is having a “Hop to it” Spring sale until April 8th. And they have some great machines and tablets on sale (I really want the Carbon X1). But they also have some killer accessories on sale too. There are 2 specifics that I think everyone needs for their office, be it at work or home.


The first one is the UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. When I work at home on my laptop I like to use a separate keyboard and mouse, especially because I use multiple monitors. And when I am on a tower, I just don’t want to be tied down with a cord! There are no strings on me! And I am just in love with the full depression keys on the Lenovo keyboards. Great feel and I even catch my typos better (which there are always many;).


A laptop stand is a must for any set up that includes docking or plugging in a second monitor. Traditionally laptops have screens that sit below eye line and that can cause neck aches, shoulder pains, and more. I have tried to cheap out and rig something up for myself with a flat box and then a ring box on top of that to give it an angle… Needless to say it was a precarious set up! Getting an actual laptop stand is a bargain! And it is secure and adjustable. It holds laptops 9 inches to 17 inches so it works for most people.

These don’t normally cost a whole lot but right now they are an even better price! Don’t miss out!

(I am a Lenovo Insider but all thoughts are completely mine! #LenovoIN )

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