3 Unexpected Ways for Your Kids to Celebrate Earth Day (and an Unboxing)

We all know the traditional ways to celebrate Earth Day. Often it is suggested to just recycle old materials in your green and blue garbage cans and pick up trash. But we can do better with our kids!

  • Recycle used materials by creating crafts and toys! You can use those crafts as décor or gifts or even toys! They can make display shelves out of shoeboxes. Pencil cups and vases out old cans and jars, decorated with pieces of cloth, ribbon, or even with magazine images!
  • Have an Earth Day movie day! Watch Planet Earth or some other nature documentary to let your kids fall in love with the beauty of this planet. They won’t help but care what we do to it once they see the images and how it all works together.
  • Volunteer to make the world better! No, I don’t mean just to pick up garbage but that and more. We are going to be volunteering with Harvest Fresno to work with Beautify Fresno. Donating your old toys and clothes also helps the world! So volunteering at a community closet also is a great win.

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