5 Apps to Start the School Year With


September is rapidly approaching and it is a perfect time to make sure you are all set for a great academic year. And 1 step in that is making sure you have some great apps to help with not only your kids’ homework but your own intellectual development. Lets make those phones and tablets work for us!!!

To that end I have put together a list of 5 must have academic apps! (Note: these are all Android apps that can be found in the Amazon Store)

1) Merriam-Webster Dictionary: This is not the only dictionary app but it is my favorite free one so far. It has a vocal search and does a great job of popping up spellings as you type! There is also a word of the day with full definition and parts of speech!

2)This Day In History: This is a great history app in so many ways! This is great because it can help you see a variety of concurrent events in history. You can search dates, names or key words so you don’t have to know when something happened. There are also different categories like World history, sports, Disney and USA histories. Side note, did you know that my best friend Sara shares a birthday with Oliver Cromwell?

3)Key: Minerals: We have gotta have some science! I love this free earth science app! You can look up specific minerals and learn everything from compositions to looks to how it is formed. You can also input certain characteristics and it will give you the minerals that match. There is even a quiz. The makers of this app (Web Solutions) also have a variety of other science apps so if you are studying something else make sure to see if they have an app for it!

4)Famous Quotes: My mom used to tell me to use quotes in papers and arguments because no one thought something was important just because I say it but if you can quote someone more important. That is a great tip that I have used my whole life! But unless you are inherently an encyclopedia, you need something to get your quotes from! Famous quotes has the ability to view by author or search by key word! When I search the word integrity I got 23 results going from Ayn Rand to Dr. Laura.

5)Wikipedia: This is my all time favorite nerd app! I use Wikipedia for everything else (except math). I think I use it at least 3 times a week in just conversations. Why wonder when you can look it up in Wikipedia. A word of caution: It is publicly sorced and derived. Don’t use it as a source in papers and don’t change your life. It is usually right but not always!!!

So what are your go to nerdy and academic apps? I am always looking for more and free is preferred. Hopefully this will be great resources for you and your family this school year!!

(Disclosure: I am a Verizon Ambassador. That is how I get my phones to put these fabulous apps on. But as always, the words & thoughts are mine. The apps have also been chosen exclusively by me! #VZWBuzz)

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