5 Reasons to Rent Toys!

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Pley recently approached me to write a post for the holiday season. For those who aren’t familiar, Pley is basically Netflix for Legos. And with Legos you know they got my attention;). You pay a subscription fee starting at $20 a month. For that you rent sets of Legos and K’nex with unlimited changes (send 1 back and get 1) and free shipping. But why would you want to do this for your kids or as a gift to someone else’s kids?

5 Reasons to Rent Toys!

1)Kids never get bored: When you rent Lego sets from Pley, you just send them back when you are done with them. And if you want to play with them again, just add them to your list again. There are over 400 sets available from Pley so your kids will never run out of new things to try. Boredom avoided!
2)You don’t have to store them: Toy storage is its own store department. I mean, toys and cleaning up the toys are a huge time drain. But if you are getting toys 1 set at a time, there just isn’t as much to store.
3)You don’t have to clean them: Toys get germy and gross. I try to clean them but it takes a lot of time! When you rent toys, they disinfect them between every use! I wish i could handle doing that at home.
4)Your kids play with expensive sets without paying more: When you rent toys you pay a set amount a month. For Pley is is $20 a month if you pay for 6 months at a time. If next month you get the Tie Fighter Lego set, you save $55! The Tie Fighter set is a $75 Lego! If you buy it and the kids get bored in just a month you will have spent a lot more!

5)You can easily set a toy budget: If you to a rental subscription then that is a fixed expense no matter how many sets of toys you get!!! Your kids can play with hundreds of dollars of toys in a month and your budget hasn’t been touched!

So there you have 5 great reasons to rent your toys instead of buying them. I think they are even better reasons to actually give a gift of rental for a month instead of buying toys for gifts!

unnamed (7) So check out Pley on their website or over at their Facebook page and find some other great reasons to check out their service!

(Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by Pley. But while they were the reason for the post, all thoughts and opinions are mine alone!)

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Rent Toys!”

  1. All great reasons to use Pley. We love the service at our house as well. We love being able to try so many toys without having to commit and spend on toys kids might not like.

    1. A lost piece or 2 isn’t a big deal to Pley! They check every set when they get it in and will refill the set if you lost a piece. They do like a heads up though.

  2. This is soooo cool! I had no idea. Definitely checking this out. My hub (and I really) loves Legos and has been instilling this love in our baby already 🙂 Thank you!

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