A New Milk!

Recently Stemicks Heritage Foods came out with Little Einsteins milk that is rBST hormone-free and enriched with Omega-3 DHA and I wanted to share a link for a $1 off coupon. What makes this different is the Omega-3 DHA that is also found in baby formula. DHA is important in the development of the brain, especially from birth – 5 years of age when the brain increases approximately 3-1/2 times in mass. DHA is the primary fat in both the brain and retina, and ensures that cells in the brain retina, heart and other parts of the nervous system develop and function properly. Each eight ounce serving providing up to 32mg of DHA. Disney Little Einsteins milk is available as a 64-ounce package in low fat 1% and reduced fat 2%. So go, take the coupon and try it;).

(this is a sponsored post)

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