A Time to Celebrate!

Life is all about focusing on the majors while enjoying the minors. So here in the NerdFamily we needed to celebrate a moment the seems to fall into both categories! After 10 years we here in the NerdFamily household are both diaper and pull up free (even at night)!!!! While it is a minor subject, it really is a big deal!!!

Some ingredients for a fab party!

Ever since NerdPud was about 2 I have been promising that when she was out of pull ups at night we would have a party! So I took the kids to Smart & Final and let them pick out some food for our little party! There is almost nothing as entertaining as 4 kids aged 10-4 voting in the middle of Smart & Final about what they are going to eat. Well, they wanted Turkey Bacon Burgers, fries and Rocky Road ice cream!!!

Don't let the ball drop!

Since it was over 100 degrees here we couldn’t send the kids outside for party games. (Around here kids don’t play out side between 12 and 5 due to sunburn and heat stroke.;) So we all played a few rounds of balloon volleyball in the playroom! We didn’t have to worry the balloons popping because we picked up some of the helium quality balloons at Smart & Final. In over a week only 1 has lost any air!


Of course when we set the table there had to be a party horn!!! We had a simple party meal that had the best components of summer! Turkey bacon burgers paired with great French fries, some delectable seedless watermelon and some salad to get just a little vegetable in;).

Then we moved onto the Rocky Road ice cream with swirly towers of whipped cream! Yum!  We finished out our nerdy and fun party watching Prince Caspian! What better way could you think of to celebrate being a diaper free household?



Did you know that Smart & Final is 140 years old? I think that is a reason to celebrate to! And in honor of that this project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias! While Smart & Final may have provided me the motivation to celebrate in this #FirstStreetGrand event all the thoughts and opinions are mine!

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