A Water Tip

I have a little water tip for WFMW! I saw this in a magazine a while ago. They said to place nail polish on your shower dial (you know, where you turn it on and find the temp?) on the place you always land. This is so that you can go straight to the temp you want so you don’t waste water. Well, we have 2 kids who can now be left in the shower in the shower but we have issues getting them going. The oldest does pretty well but has a tendancy to get the water too warm and we are afraid his is going to burn himself. The NerdPie doesn’t like to get her face in the water to get to the dial. If we could have her set it right before she gets in she would get a warm shower. This helps the kids to know how warm they want the water but they won’t burn themselves.

Save water, prevents burns and gives parents a little more freedom. What more do you want from a tip?

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