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  1. You don’t need any tips, you are doing a great job. I don’t even care enough to put makeup on or blowdry my hair. But I do agree, I can’t do it with my husband anywhere near me. 😉

  2. great job! my downfall is never being appropriately dressed or made-up to be seen in public but you look awesome! i agree too, lipstick does wonders, i wear it when I get my haircut

  3. Your hair looks great this week – good curls!

    I used to vlog alone, but my guys are used to it now – it’s just about them being quiet for a few minutes now LOL.

    I’m with you on the YouTube being easy to put it anywhere after that.

    The duct tape seems like a good tripod to me 🙂

  4. I LOVE lip gloss.
    I think that lip gloss works wonders!
    And you want some tips…Hmm…
    Aside from changing your location…lol.
    U already knew that.

    Keep doing it. Find excuses to vlog.
    Have a blog post you HAVE to write?
    Vlog it. It takes less time.
    Fiddle around with editing, it’s cool.
    And i personally LOVE dancing vlogs…
    You could always review your fave products too on camera…
    Whatever you like. Just do it.
    it gets easier to video the more you do it. 🙂

  5. You look really nice in this video today!

    I was like that for a while – couldn’t record in front of people. I’d have my husband start the camera and leave. He’d be like, “You are putting this on the internet you know.” I was like, “Yea – you can watch it then, but now – go away.”

    I think it’s great that you have the camera up higher – if you could tilt it so that there is not so much head room it would be a tad better. I know that is hard without a tripod. And inexpensive but great tripod is the gorilla pod – super bendy! They are on Amazon for less than $20.

    I’ve always enjoyed your mingles!

  6. Yay another Flip user! I love, love, love my Flip!

    5 minutes lol. I agree with the lipstick, lip gloss, or something. It brightens things up a bit.

    I HAVE to vlog alone too! Unless my daughter is actually joining in, but I don’t want anyone watching me otherwise. I go by the seat of my pants too. Unscripted LOL.

    Your quality on YouTube is good too. I don’t know why I’m the only one with issues!

    Thanks for mingling!

  7. I happen to like unscripted vlogs.. you get a great sense of the person’s natural personality. I think your vlogs are great so far. Keep at it!

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