Alphabet Alley Review

I recently got the opportunity to review a couple products from Alphabet Alley. They are a company that Christian themed toys for kids. I liked the Christian themed toys. Now, I don’t believe my kids are going to learn the story of Noah by playing Go Fish with words and pictures of the story but I do believe that it is a great way to affirm them and their Biblical knowledge. On to the actual products…

We got the Noah’s Ark Go Fish game and we love it. The cards a thick and sturdy so they will last. That in and of itself is a huge plus. But I also liked the illustrations and the words with them. It helps the kids get a little word recognition in addition to the number recognition they get just from playing Go Fish.

We also got the Two by Two Matching Game. I will say up front that we have a lot of matching games and while the pictures were super cute there wasn’t any inherent game play improvement. But the quality was awesome! They are very thick and durable. Not only will it last longer than the rest, the toddlers can’t “mark” cards to know the matches without flipping them over.

These products were great and I would be very willing to purchase anything from Alphabet Alley for either us or a gift!

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