Amazon: To Boycott or Not to Boycott

For those who don’t live on Twitter, there was a book discovered on Amazon’s site called The Pedofile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. It is an e-book and everyone is freaking out about it! Affiliates are bailing on them, people are boycotting and the twitter has tag #amazonfail is flying.

I have seen a couple of articles on this ( Tacoma and MSNBC) and there is no information about what Amazon actually has said they are going to do. Now I want to point out a couple of things. First off, Amazon has in their own terms that they will pull content that they see as inappropriate. Secondly, this book was put up by a third party.

I have always liked Amazon and am an affiliate. So I wanted to know what Amazon was going to do about it. I heard that no one had been able to get hold of Amazon and I thought that was a bit ridiculous. So I reached out to Amazon. I just went through their site and had their customer service call me. I spoke with Ann who told me that the main offices had been notified and they had started the process to pull it down. She said they were all mortified and that it came in through a third party. They didn’t even know it was up until everything went crazy.

Now it is still there but I believe we can all give them the day before the mob decides to burn them down. I am just a little shocked that everyone freaked out so thoroughly without giving Amazon a chance to respond. But I guess that is the nature of a firestorm.

Now if Amazon doesn’t choose to actually remove this, I will reevaluate. But I am going to give them a chance to resolve this!

**UPDATE: I am hearing from different sources that they have heard from Amazon that they will be keeping the book up. I am still hoping that Amazon will do the right and legal thing by removing this book. I am just hoping that the 1st Amendment rights argument is  their go to argument until the facts are known.

5 thoughts on “Amazon: To Boycott or Not to Boycott”

  1. I’m taking the same approach–I really hope that they do take it down but I’m cooling my jets because these things just can’t happen in an instant.

    I also received an email reply from Amazon that indicated the rep would put in a ticket to have it pulled down. He started his email with “I agree with you.”

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