And They are Back!

We are onto the 3rd episode of season 2 of Top Chef Masters. This is the episode where last year’s losers will compete;). This will be good.

Rick Moonen, Wylie Defrene, Graham Elliott Bowles, Jonathan Waxman, Mark Peel, and Ludo Lefevbre are all back! (excuse any name mispelling;)

The quickfire is that they will make a dish to go with an exotic drink with vodka in it. Gayle Green and the Housewives of OC are the quickfire judges. When Wylie’s dish came out the wives loved it until Gayle spoke and then Gretchen didn’t like it as much. This girls don’t seem to know a whole lot about food. Ludo wasn’t a big hit and he was freaking about a bit. Jonathan received a perfect score!

The elimination challenge was to take a pub dish and recreate it into an upscale dish. They really went pub with it with things like bangers and mash. Jonathan picked Shephard’s Pie and the rest had to negotiate between themselves. Rick got fish and chips. He should do well with it since he is a fish guy. But I thought is was kind of odd that he thought Mark was not going to do well because he was doing a seafood sausage because that is Rick’s area. Ludo got Irish Stew and that didn’t leave him in a great mood. It seemed to make him real upset that Rick got fish. It looks like Mark’s Yorkshire Pudding didn’t cook all the way.

Ludo’s fish stew seemed odd looking because there were raw veggies in it and it didn’t seem comforting. Rick’s potatoes were hard but of course the fish seemed to be a hit. I think it could bite Wylie that he didn’t make his own sausage for his Bangers and Mash but it looked yummy. Of course Mark’s uncooked Yorkshire pudding being a bit raw was a problem. Jonathan’s potatoes seemed runny on top of the lamb but it seemed to be a hit.

I think the problem with Ludo’s dish is that he didn’t like Irish stew to begin with. So he may have never had a base to go from. Graham seemed to dislike kidneys so he sold his own flavor short. Ludo is sure that the English people have bad food;). Rick got slammed for his thick chips. The reality to me is that the potatoes shouldn’t have been that hard. Does a good piece of fish really wipe out a bad potato?

Jonathan won with his Shepard’s Pie! I think it has inspired me to make one (having never cooked a lamb version). Rick came in second so he is also moving on. But Wylie did get to beat Graham;).

The next group will be cooking for Modern Family. I have been liking this season! See you next week!

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