And We Have a Bow!

My Masterpiece Head On

So the NerdPie has a really pretty blue dress to wear for Easter (when she is getting baptized).  So I happened to find the perfect blue ribbon for $1 that matches the dress perfectly. I have been looking at it for a while trying to get up the guts to cut it up and make a bow out of it. So I finally did! Once I was done I realized that I had forgotten to take pictures along the way but it was pretty easy.  I made 1 bow with the 2 basic loops but instead of tying it I wrapped wire around it. Then I made another bow.  Then I set them catty corner. I took another piece of ribbon and tied a knot around  both bows! I used fray check to stop the ends from fraying. The bow was so just perfect so I just had to slip one of those cheap alligator clips from Sally’s Beauty Supply in the back. I didn’t even need glue!

It is the little things that make you feel like you accomplished something;).

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  1. Good job! My mom is awesome at bows cause she used to be a florist but I never seem to get bows to look the way I wish they would.

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