And We Have Crafts! Lots and Lots!

I like every mom in the world, and especially homeschool moms, have tons of craft stuff for my kids. My kids are now of the age where I want them to have free access to the supplies. So I took my old craft drawers that had some stuff in it that I hadn’t touched in at least a couple of years and put in the kids’ stuff!  
I started with these drawers full of odds and ends. Now I must confess. Almost all the supplies that were in these drawers are now in a box. They await the final judgement on their fate. Some will hit the garbage, some will be used by me (eventually) and some will be donated. Which ones are which? We will see.

And this was my final result! Normally I would have the drawers labelled but I think I need to live with it for a while. I organized the drawers in a logical way but I need to make sure that it works for the kids. I organized the general supplies by basic type: crayons and colored pencils in 1 drawer, coloring books in another, and scissor, rulers and glue in yet another. Then I have some specific drawers for each kid. It has their specific art projects they have been given. In the bottom drawers are their bulk supplies. We never need to buy another foamie shape again! I have some that don’t even fit into my drawers (there may be a giveaway in my future)! Now mind you, this is just the kids’ everyday access craft supplies. There are much more hiding in the shadows;).

So that was my Tackle. What do you think? Have you gotten any big tackles done lately?

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