3 thoughts on “Another Reason Nerds Should Homeschool”

  1. We have a rule in our family…never put someone down…not even through a joke. I will never do this to my husband or my kids. Adults, especially those in ministry, need to realize that this isn’t good and doesn’t edify children or the Church.

  2. This is a very interesting view. We haven’t had any issues with our church or children’s church…to my knowledge. My son has been called quite a few names, even at 7, and yes, it was mostly from adults or those in a position of power AT HIS SCHOOL. Yet, I still don’t have the guts to homeschool like you do. We’re a nerdy bunch here and i’m pretty sure we could do it, but I don’t know what’s stopping us. Maybe I should keep in mind the ridicule that my son sometimes gets. Thanks for bringing this up.

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