Are You Striving for Merely Average?

While many people in my area would never in a million years homeschool, a lot of them want to say how great it is that I do. Then they give you the reasons that they can’t do it with their kids. So I am going to start address those reasons here. Let me preface all this with while I think it would be great for our society, I don’t think everyone needs to homeschool. But people start talking like they feel guilty and have to justify their decision. They are not my kids, it is none of my business! But, if you are going to use these silly reasons I need to start addressing them.

The first one is this fear that their kids will not be “normal” or fit in. What does that even mean? I have heard that academically they would be very advanced so they could no longer fit in with their peers. How is this a problem people? So people want their kids to just be “normal”? Isn’t that the same thing as average? Average, the median, a C? You want to make sure that your kids can play all the social manipulation games to survive in a children’s society? That is all your hopes and dreams are for your kids?

To me this is a mentality that “I will sell out my kids future so they can have more friends today”. Talk about shortsighted. My children are very bright but they get along with many types of people. But even at almost 7 and 5, my kids are already losing patience with some issues that are considered normal for their age group. Things like when kids “decide” one day that they like 1 kid but you can’t talk to that other kid. So my kids can’t play that game, yes I am a failure as a parent;). Just imagine how great the world would be if we all refused to play.

I don’t think there is a single parent who would admit that average is all they hope for but I wonder if that is truly what they mean. The soap box if being put away for the afternoon;).

Update: Here are a couple (not all) of the definitions of Normal from
-the average or mean: Production may fall below normal.
-the standard or type.

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