Avoid the Illusion…

I assume that our local CSU is not unique. I assume that they all have budget issues and crazy hiring policies. So it is hard to not look at the recent hiring of Carole Brown-Welty as Dean of Graduate Studies at CSUFresno with a lot of cynicism.

For those who don’t know, she is married to the President of CSUFresno John Welty. The announcement of her hiring was made only 1 week after her predecessor announced her departure. Apparently Provost William Covino didn’t conduct a search or look at other qualified options.

So, I am off base? I think President Welty should have insisted on Covino conducting a full search, even if his wife still got the job. Just to make sure that it was done right? I remember hearing a lot as a kid, “Avoid the illusion of an indiscretion”. But here is seems that they didn’t care how it looks. So was this straight up nepotism? I am just a hater?

One thought on “Avoid the Illusion…”

  1. It looks bad. In my opinion, even if they opened it up, it still looks bad. Way to pad your future retirement accounts Welty’s.

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