Awesome Tribute to Adam Yauch

I don’t know if you heard but Adam Yauch (better known as MCA) from the Beastie Boys died last week. I admit, I am not the Beastie Boys biggest fan by any measure. But I totally remember sitting in the front yard with my best friend Cindy and listening to them on the boom box.

They changed the landscape of music and left many of us with musical memories that are huge. They didn’t seem to fit so they made their own place. My deepest condolences to not only his family and bandmates but also to all his fans.

I just love this tribute as only Coldplay could do;).

One thought on “Awesome Tribute to Adam Yauch”

  1. *sigh* The Beastie Boys provide a portion of the soundtrack of my childhood – so this news made me so terribly sad. I hadn’t seen this tribute – thank you for sharing it!

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