Back to School Shopping Tips

If you haven’t done your back to school shopping don’t stress! Here are a few tips that will help you have the most peace and the most for your money!

1. Figure out a semester budget. Not just for right now but how much do you want to spend through the whole semester, including Christmas season.
2. Stock up on basics for clothing!! Capris, short sleeve shirts, skirts and other warm weather pieces are going on clearance while stores bring in “fall” clothes. They don’t take into account that it will be well above 80 until the end of October! And you can also get some to last into the Spring too!!
3. Watch the sales. Office Max has freebies every week, Target & Walgreens have a few great deals every week. So if you have time, hit those stores for the deals only every week.
4. Don’t spend it all now!!! Kids taste will change tastes just a little as soon as they see what their friends have. So after school has started get the special pieces for their back to school wardrobes and even the must have academic accessory.

5. Remember that they don’t have to have every new, hot thing! They will survive. If they really want more after you do all their shopping think about giving them an opportunity to earn some money and buy it!

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be crazy and expensive. Just be smart! And if you are shopping online make sure that you use shopping portals to save even more!

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