Base Ten Blocks Rock!

I got these Base Ten blocks a few weeks ago and love them (you can read my piece on the Manipulative Myth here). What I like better is the deal I got on them! These are 3 different sets of blocks and I got them in 3 different colors/finishes so they would be easy to differentiate. We needed a little extra help in borrowing and carrying but we also have already used them to show number concepts to the 3 year old and adding for the kindergartner.

They are still on clearance over at Learning Express (and no I don’t make any money on this post but if you want to send me some;). The 3 sets are flats of 100, rods of 10 and single units. They all lock together and that was something (and the price) I couldn’t get locally. So if you need them, run over and get them because we love them!

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