Book Review: Shoes for the Sprit

I have recently read Shoes for the Spirit by Tamara Nashman and over all it was a very enjoyable book. It is a collection of encouragement pieces that are organized by different subjects, such as fear, developing a clear conscious, and a relationship with God. In each chapter there are various sections each having a scripture, story and exposition. I enjoyed this aspect because I read it in many pieces like a devotional and when you need encouragement in a specific area you can jump right to it. This book is light and fluffy but hits upon real issues. Nashman uses all her dramatic training from her years of acting in the clever short illustrations of scripture in a real world application setting. Her Biblical training was also evident through her insightful use of scripture and relating it in a way that isn’t overwhelming. I completely enjoyed this book and would give it a 4 out of 5. I read and reviewed this book for Active Christian Media.

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