The Botany Of Minecraft: Part 1 :The Tree

Botany of Minecraft: Part 1

I have been studying Botany for science class so I thought that I should make a series on  botany in Minecraft. Botany is all about Plants and there are lots of different kinds of plants in Minecraft but today I am going to talk trees, leaves, and wood this time. A neat trick is to knock down leaves with shears and a leaf block will drop as an Item. That will hurt the shears as well so don’t think you can do it forever. This trick also works for grass, ferns, and grass blocks which can be placed as a dirt block with grass already on it. Here is a list of all the different trees and what they look like but don’t worry, I won’t make you take notes. 


This is one of my favorite in terms of look. The birch tree has a white with black spotted bark and a cream inside and gray green leaves. The door is really neat it is white with a cream window.


This are the most common trees. There is a plain brown bark with a light brown inner with green leaves. This is the base of the different trees on Minecraft. This door is just brown with a little picture window.


This wood is very dark and is often found in snow. It has a brown almost black bark and a dark brown inside with dark  leaves. This door is awesome for jail cell because it looks like it has iron bars on it.


This is found you guessed it in a jungle. Everything is almost the same as oak but the plank is tinged pink. The door has a long key shaped hole in it. These trees often grow with 4 trunks instead of 1.


This is the most colorful tree because it has a gray bark with an orange plank and slightly dark green leaves. This door looks like a screen door.

Dark Oak

This is like a mash of other trees. The log is the same as spruce or a little darker and the leaves are the same as Acacia. The planks are very good for details as they are super dark. The door is the best for mansions because it looks like a fancy candy bar.

I hope you liked learning all about trees. Let  me know what your favorite tree is. Next week I will be talking about Flowers.


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