Botany of Minecraft: Part 2: Fungus among us


This week I am going to talk about mushrooms. There are only 2 kinds of mushrooms and they aren’t different other than the color and the name.

The most often found one is the brown one with a white stem known as the brown mushroom. The Nerdster said these are his favorite because he can make fermented spider eyes and then he can poison people.  But my favorite is the red with white polka dots and a white stem, called the red mushroom. I didn’t say they had snappy names.

There are only 3 different ways to use a mushroom but they are pretty helpful. The most found is the mushroom stew which is both kinds of mushrooms and a wooden bowl which is made the same way as a bucket (iron in the bottom middle and in the middle left and right) with planks instead of iron. Or you can make a more complex version with a carrot, a rabbit, and any mushroom and a bowl. The only other one is the fermented spider eye which is used in making hurtful potions which is a spider eye, a brown mushroom and sugar.

There are a couple of different places that you can find mushrooms. They are abundantly in the Nether everywhere. Also you can find them in caves or forests. But the most interesting place is the Mushroom Island which I will talk about in a future post.

There is a variant of the mushroom that is seriously wacky so I have to talk about it. There are giant mushrooms that are found in the dark forests and the mushroom island. The brown giant mushroom looks like a big umbrella and the red one is like a little house raised off the ground. When you dig out a block of a giant mushroom you get about 2 mushrooms so you could get lots from 1. To make a giant mushroom you just need to hit a mushroom with a 7×7 square around it that is planted with bone meal till it poofs into a giant mushroom.

I hope you like learning about mushrooms. Tell me what you want to learn about most in Minecraft in the comments.


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