Bright Star Kid Review

Aren’t these the cutest graphics? This is just a sampling of the pack of wall graphics I received from Bright Star Kids for my NerdBug. I have wanted to do the kids rooms for a while but my problem has always been that they want wall paper decorations and I don’t want to have to take them down. (I am assuming that they will want things changed a little between 7 and even 10, as far as maturity) These are awesome because they go up easy and come down easier. This pack came with 189 different decals in various sizes and 4 colors. You can place these decals on the walls and then take them down and put them up somewhere else! I love this feature because I am a commitment phob when it comes to decorating (what is I put it somewhere and hate it;) but it is also a good solution for someone in an apartment because it doesn’t leave any marks or gunk on the wall. Given this set is for a 7 year old boy’s room, I was very happy that they are water proof so you can wipe them down but you could also use them in a kid’s bathroom.

The website is awesome because it has a gallery of rooms that you can look at (and copy in my case). They also gave me the idea to paint around 1 side in a different color and give the shape a shadow. I thought that was so cool;). I really liked working with this company too! They are in Australia so shipping to the US takes a bit but they have such a quality product it is really worth it. They also don’t just have wall shaped decals. They have other decals, labels and the like.

Right now they have quite a few things on sale but just in case you want something that isn’t on sale they have given me a coupon code for all of you! Use FAMILYREVIEW for 20% off from March 25-April 25 in the promo code box at checkout. Remember it isn’t good on any of the things already on sale.

So go check them out and let me know what you think!

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