Brittany Spears and Marriage?

So Brittany Spears’ fiance is 1 of her conservators. Now this doesn’t bother me in the way some would think, that maybe this would be a conflict of interest for her fiance. I mean, those who know me know that I believe when it comes to marriage it is in for a penny, in for a pound. My problem is that you have a 30 year old woman who the court thinks is so unstable that she needs 2 conservators to manage her (& her vast wealth) but she is getting married? If the court is still worried about her mental ability and judgement, can she even enter a legal contract like marriage?

And what man would marry a woman that needs him to be her conservator? It is like the dude who became a girl’s legal guardian and married her.

I really have problems with everyone’s judgement in this situation. I worry for her!

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