Buying Meat, Size, Bones, etc

Since we are having the family Thanksgiving on Sunday, the NerdDad and I decided to have ham tomorrow. So today I went to the grocery store to buy a little 2 1/2lb ham to feed my little family. Man was it a shock! The little little boneless ham was $5/lb. Compare this with the shank ham that was only $1.49/lb but the smallest one was almost 10 and 1/2 lbs. Well, even counting the bone I got 7 1/2lbs of ham for only $4 additional. While it is more meat than I wanted, I will be able to freeze it and use it at other times.

Now looking at the price per pound doesn’t always equal a better deal. Previously I have looked at chicken breasts with ribs for $1.79/lb versus $1.99/lb for boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Now comparing those the boneless, skinless breasts actually are a better deal. Not only do you get them already to be cooked, you don’t pay for the bone and skin. That actual cost of the bone and skin may be greater than the price difference.

Separately, bigger and cheaper doesn’t always make a better deal either. When given the choice between the size you can use versus a bigger yet cheaper per pound package, you need to analyze yourself. Are you over all paying more? If so do you have a plan for the leftovers? Is there enough for another complete meal? If not, that extra meat/cost is going in the garbage and you would be better off buying exactly what you need.

So there you have somethings you should look at when spending your meat budget at the grocery store.

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