Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Hofsas House

Hofsas Entrance

Not only is it summer, AKA Vacation Season, it is also 105 degrees in Fresno as I write this. You understand as my mind wanders to somewhere lovely that I really want to visit again. The place that my heart really wants to go again is Hofsas House in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I got the opportunity to visit it a couple of months ago as part of the #llblognotaconf trip I took to Carmel-by-the-Sea and have found my new favorite area hotel! 

I absolutely love the Carmel/Monterey area and have since I was a child. My mother was raised in Salinas because her father was stationed at Ford Ord most of her childhood. My grandmother still lives in Salinas and, as you might imagine, we were in the area all the time. I seriously only remember 1 childhood trip that was anywhere other than the Monterey! But Carmel-by-the-Sea was the fancy area. It is 1 square one mile of adorableness that is right next to Monterey and Pacific Grove. It is 15 minutes from Cannery Row but is also a small enough neighborhood in itself that you can walk to eat. That is where I would stay some day as an adult! Well, now I am a full adult and have found my perfect Carmel-by-the-Sea hotel!

Hofsas House is the most adorable little intimate feeling hotel! When you check in and meet the 3rd generation owner, Carrie Theis, you immediately immersed in a homey, welcoming,  and relaxing environment. Carrie is so welcoming that she offered to come out and help me bring the bags in. That is the owner! That was just the beginning of a delightful stay. 

One of the rooms in the suite I stayed in with a King bed.
One of the rooms in the suite I stayed in with a King bed.

This hotel boasts of 38 rooms and each one is a unique. There are a variety of sizes from ranging from rooms with one queen bed all the way to suites with kitchens. The design of the actual building is Bavarian inspired and each room has a Dutch door so you can capture that great Carmel weather! 

The other bedroom with 2 Queen beds!
The other bedroom with 2 Queen beds!

The rooms are generously sized. I was in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite. What amazed me about the size wasn’t just the fact that we had a king sized bed in one room and 2 queens in another. Neither was it the bathrooms with the spacious counters. It was the extra space in the rooms! There was a table and chairs that you could sit at and another proper sitting area! This is great for people who come as a family or just a group of friends. I mean we all (at least those of us who go to conferences) have hung out in someone’s hotel room and the only place to site is on the beds! It is the little touches that mean a big difference to me.   

There are also a bunch of other touches that make this hotel a hit for me! There is complimentary wifi and it is good wifi. I was able to use it when I was sitting outside, in the meeting room, and in the evening when everyone is there! Hofsas House also has off street parking, which is a rarity in a community like Carmel-by-the-Sea. There is also a great continental breakfast with great pastries from a local bakery.  They also have a pool and a dry sauna! They even have a large room with a kitchen and fireplace that you could have gatherings or meetings (about 40 people). What can I say but I loved this hotel! 

Can I make a confession? Do know why I think this may be my favorite hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea? This can be my always hotel for the Monterey area. If it is just the hubby and I just want to get away it is romantic and quiet. But if we want to bring all 4 kids for a little beach and nature exploration it can fit all of us. If we want to take a group vacation with friends or family  there are plenty of generously sized rooms. It would even be perfect for a girlfriend getaway for some shopping and great food. I love that it is so versatile because that is how you get to come often enough for a hotel to feel like a vacation home!

Have you been to Carmel-by-the-Sea? Monterey? What is your favorite local eatery? I am building a list of places to try now that I have a hotel!!!

(Disclosure: I was provided lodging at Hofsas House as part of the #llblognotaconf  but all opinions and thoughts are mine!)



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