Carnival of Homeschooling: Homeschool Open House

I am so honored to be hosting this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling! Welcome to my Homeschool Open House!!! So come on in and relax for a while. There are some great entries into the carnival this week.

So the tree is up but has nothing but lights. I can’t believe it is already Christmas. Some of our party attenders have great pieces to help us prepare for the holidays. TheGaddy5 over on the Time4Learning Blog has a great piece on Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude in an “Its All About Me Age”. Beverly over at’s Homeschooling has some links to Advent calendars! Jamerrill Stewart presents Have Yourself a Merry Thrift Store Christmas {FREE Quick eBook} posted at Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling | Living the Life of Faith, saying, “Free frugal Christmas eBook for single income families, “Have Yourself a Merry Thrift Store Christmas.””

Have a cookie and settle in on the couch for a nice chat. Tea Time with Annie Kate asks, “What if You Could Do Anything for a Week?” And in a similar vein No Fighting, No Biting claims that her Life is a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle! Christyn Raymond presents How To Keep Mom From Running Away From Home posted at Striving For Simple, saying, “Suggestions to other family members (with humor) on how to support Mom in the household” These women sound like my kindred spirits!!

Over at the kitchen table they are talking about the theory and logistics of homeschooling. Olive Plants All Around My Table conducted a little interview with her kids about their new educational approach. Home School VS Public School asks which is safer? They came to the same conclusion I did;). Why Homeschool has an eye opening piece called NaNoWriMo and the Value of Quantity! Michelle presents The Face of Homeschooling posted at Holistic Homeschooler.

Over at the desk the kids are actually doing a little homeworks! Miss Nirvana presents How I Taught My Preschooler How to Multiply posted at Nirvana Homeschooling, saying, “Simple way to teach multiplication using a “bucket” system” Tiger’s Mum presents Medieval India posted at The Tiger Chronicle. Pamela Jorrick presents Hands On Chaos posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.  Kelly @ The Homeschool Co-op presents A Box of Goodies: Loving & Learning from our Nature Exchange posted at The Homeschool Co-op. Fred Lee presents 5 Activities for a Harry Potter-Themed Party posted at Parenting Squad.

That brings us to the close of this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling! Thank you so much for coming and visiting! Please make sure that you visit all the awesome contributors and comment!!! Also consider submitting 1 of your pieces for next week’s carnival that will be found over on the HSBA Post.

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