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Welcome to the NerdHouse. Why don’t you come on in and see the Carnival of Homeschooling we have set up? Lot’s of people are already here with all kinds of great entries.

As we go in take a look at the family bulletin board. Kim at Kim’s Play Place has is announcing Science and Technology Education Blog Carnival. I also have Home Spun Strip (#325) from Home Spun Homeschooling. They are always so cute and refreshing.

Let’s take a seat in the living room for a moment to talk about the challenges and joys we face as homeschoolers. There isn’t anything like a little community support. Erin at Delighting in His Richness shares I thought I could, I thought I could! She shares how to overcome the afternoon slump with kids. Summer over at Wired For Noise shares the 5 Books That Influenced Me to Homeschool. Susan over at The Expanding Life talks about our ever changing roles as parents and teachers in Serving Punch. Renae at Life Nurturing Education shares a glimpse in Like Mother, Like Daughter. The Crazy Mom over at The Crazy House share a humorous and encouraging look with Testing, Testing, 1-2-3. Timothy at Sometimes I’m Actually Coherent gives us How Times Have Changed. While reading one of the lessons from a McGuffey Reader prompts some thought on the question: What is childhood for? Why Homeschool talks about One of the great things about homeschooling – vacations. Beverly’s Homeschooling Blog (
has a forum member who wants to know How do you keep your sanity?

Let’s go join that group over by the bookshelf. They are sharing some of their learning experiences. Tammy over at Adventures on Beck’s Bounty share about her nature study with A Bird Highway? Christine over at Our Curious Home tells us about the First Day of this Late Winter Co-op. Dolfin at Lionden Landing shares her groups initial plans in building their Sunflower House. Dana at Principled Discovery tells us about What My Daughter Learned Through Blogging. Sue over at Homeschooling High School tells us why we should Teach Your Teens Real Life Money Skills. Two Kid Schoolhouse tells us why she reads aloud to her reading children in Reading Up. ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother talks about homeschool lesson task lists in Assignment List Time I Guess. Learned Genius tells us Why You Should Read the Classics: A Bibliophile’s Diatribe. Jenny at Home is Where You Start From shares Our First Week with Sonlight’s Language Arts.

They group over by the desks are giving each other some resources. Lynn over at Eclectic Education shared Our Lapbooks. We here at the NerdFamily need to get started lapbooking too. HEM Takes A Closer Look gives us a great piece on Hands On Learning. Tracey at Glue on her fingers, dirt on her toes, she makes laughter wherever she goes has a great unit study with Spring Forward, Fall Back. Living By Learning shares some great online resources and tips on Looking at Chinese Paintings with Kids. Shannon at Song of My Heart has a great Colonial Days and The American Revolution unit. Reviews shares their review of Artistic Pursuits Jr. High book one: The Elements of Art and composition. Let’s Play Math shares a great Math Warm-Up: Today is February 4 x 3 x 2 x 1. Petticoat Government has a Cuisenaire Rod Suggestion.

Not all lessons have a spot on a report card. Both the joy and burden of being a homeschooling parent is that we are also tasked with the subjects in life. Jennifer at Cage Free Monkeys dealing with a lesson on sorrowing due to pet loss in Breaking Hearts. The Reluctant Homeschooler helps her daughter through friendship issues in I’m Busy Right Now. Becca at Inspiration for Mothers tells us What to tell your kids about suffering and injustice in the world. Dana at A Very Nearly Tea gives us a glimpse at Teaching Understanding.

Over at the kitchen table they are talking a little politics. Brian over at New Hampshire Rocks! tell us about an Attempt to Undermine Home Education in New Hampshire. Alasandra over at Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog gives us Why Carol Moore Chose Not to Homeschool that invalidates her argument. Barbara Frank Online asks if Our Parental Rights in Jeopardy? Life Without School Community Blog talks about The Myth of Credentialism.

That brings us to the end of this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling. Please submit your entries for next week’s carnival that will be hosted over at Life Nuturing Education. Thanks again for joining me! So go read and comment!

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