Carnival of Homeschooling Open House

Hi all welcome to our NerdFamily Home. Yes, Christmas is starting a little early around here but I just bought that last weekend and I wondered why I would hide it for 2 weeks;).

That group over by the bookshelves are sharing some great resources! Barbara Frank shares a book with us all with Thomas Edison, Homeschooled Innovator. Crack the Egg is sharing a great book in Girls and Horses: A Book For Your Cowgirl. I am always looking for books for my kids to read!! Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers are sharing Top Ten History Resources. I see my favorite on there! Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog has a book review on Jesus, Interrupted. Bachelors Degree has the 50 Best Poetry Books for Kids. It looks like an interesting list. Mothers of Boys has a Boy-Friendly Gift Guide -Preschool.

Over on the couch we are just sharing our journey. Best Family Adventures shares what happens When Homeschoolers Go Unsupervised. I love it! It is nice to know that it isn’t just my kids who go find their own learning experience. Homeschool and Etc. is talking about Mathematics and Homeschooling. They are looking for a little insight about their challenges. No Fighting, No Biting tells us all on your mark, get set…for angst. Home Spun Juggling talks about Happy (Learning) Days.

At the kitchen table we are talking about how we are learning! Homeschool Mo is talking her Weekly Wrap-Up for November 12, 2010 and some awesome charts. Sweet Diva is talking about how they built Sweet Memories They Will Cherish with 5 in a Row. Let’s Play Math has the secrets on How to be a Math Genius! I want to be a math genius!!! Blogging to Learn has all of our Favorite Fubblerules of Grammar. So much fun and educational too. Five J’s has a great Homeschool Weekly Assignment Planner. The Thinking Mother is talking about Enjoying Teaching Other People’s Kids. Sage Parnassus talks about Mistaken Identities and Mistaken Assessments.

Over in the kitchen we have some hands on activities going on. Blah, Blah, Blog is looking at Sweet Science. Who doesn’t love candy science experiments? The Legacy of Home is talking about Heavy Cleaning and teaching Home Ec. Creating Nirvana shares a great hands on project with Homeschooling: Box Assemblage. Introducing the World is doing Copywork with Graph Boards.

That group over by the piano are talking politics and overall theories. Sometimes these are the most fun;). The Common Room is talking about Children are Born Persons (Part 5). Parenting at the Helm is talking about Public Educations Permeated by a Cheating Culture. Henry at Why Homeschooling hits the highlights of Glenn Reynolds’ recent talk on the Higher Education Bubble. Marmee’s Pantry is talking about Growth in the Christian Homeschool.

Looking out the back door we are chatting about the world around us. Corn and Oil is sharing their Local Perspective. Free Market Mommy has an interesting idea with Sell Those Lesson Plans to make a little money and share what we do with other teachers. Mrs. Mama Hen talks about their first field trip in an Alaskan Field Trip. Remember we aren’t the only homeschooling carnival. Adventures in Mamaland is hosting the Jewish Homeschooling Blog Carnival #2. Go check them out!

And that brings our visit to an end. I hope you all have had a great time. I have loved every minute of our visit! Next week there will be a new carnival over at Mrs. Mama Hen so make sure you submit your blog posts by next Monday! Make sure you go read all the great pieces we have featured here and make sure you comment to let them know you are there! Please help us out and tell others about it!

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  1. WOW! that was a LOT of work to get this info online and there are LOTS of great blog entries here! Thanks a lot for helping me blow…er…spend three additional hours in front of the glowing screen reading through the good stuff and finding new blogs! 🙂

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