Carnival of Homeschooling: Welcome to My Homeschool

Hey, it is Carnival of Homeschooling time here at the NerdFamily House! I hope that you all had an awesome 4th with friends, fireworks and food! By the way, Team Gray wanted me to tell you Happy Fourth! Come on in and make yourself at home!

If they want the kids can stay here in the play room. Mine love spending time building and playing some of the summer away! There is even a  couch so they can read! Hope is the Word has Chapter Books for the Youngest Listeners. 1 name: Cynthia Rylant! Golden Grasses is talking Bardology.

Check out our little garden! It is amazing how much schooling and learning happens outside our homes, isn’t it? Teaching Mommy has Summer Learning-Pea Harvest 2011. I have 1 green bean on my bush, I hope I get enough to harvest! No Fighting, No Biting tells us how Maine is Certainly Wild. Blah, Blah Blog tells us all about Dinosaurs and Crazy Ladies at Lake Powell.

Can I offer you a cookie or something else? We can join this group on the couches that is just sharing and relaxing. Adventures in MamaLand talks about a magazine subscription in Can’t Beat Em’. Waiting for Charlie talks their Homeschool Speech Therapy. The Legacy of Home talks about Inspiration for Home Life. Poor Bit of Earth Farm have had their Pioneer Delusions Doused. Why Homeschool gives us an update in Summer School part 2. Go give her a little support!

Did you see the group by the book shelves talking shop? Homeschool Mo is talking about Homeschooling Approaches, Philosophies and Styles. Homeschooling Ideas has an interesting piece on Goal-Free Homeschooling. Inside the Child has a piece on Order, Co-ordination, Concentration and Independence. Can you believe that fall is rapidly approaching? Mama Mary is Planning & Preparing for a Strong School Year. Jazzy Mama talks about What Is and Isn’t Reading. Then hop over to Read-Aloud Dad and he will tell you the #1 Way to Excite Children About Reading!

Some of the kids are doing projects over on the kitchen table. Our Journey in Him has 3 Simple Science Experiments to inspire us. Harvest Moon by Land has You are on the Map-Smart Summer Challenge Week 1. I wish we were doing some of those awesome projects!

Wow, is it time for you go already? Well thanks for dropping in for this fun carnival! I want to thank all the contributors for sharing their knowledge and insights, make sure you go comment on all their wonderful pieces.

Make sure that you join the fun and contribute to next week’s carnival! Next week we will be hosted over at A Life Supreme so make sure you check it out!

Have a blessed day!

4 thoughts on “Carnival of Homeschooling: Welcome to My Homeschool”

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