Carnival of Recipes

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Recipes. We have a great group of recipes for all different types of food. I have a confession first. I wasn’t sure how to organize the recipes. At first I was going to do breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert but then I realized that I never stick to those designations when I am cooking. So I have them relatively grouped but forgive me if it doesn’t make sense.

First up we have something that we in the NerdFamily usually eat for breakfast, a snack or dessert. Stephanie from Make It From Scratch has not 1, not 2 but 3 different yummy, easy quick bread recipes. Another breakfast type submission (though we often have them for dinner) comes from How To: Tips and Tricks. They give us How to make Healthy Pancakes: Tips for the best pancakes.

Then we have a quick and easy recipe from World Famous Recipes that would be great for a NerdFamily lunch, Quick Ham Salad.

Next up we have a couple of recipes that would make a great lunch, side dish or light dinner. Jennie at Adam’s Brag Book has a hearty Barley Chili for us (that I will definitely be making). Then Wacky Hermit at Organic Baby Farm has a Squash Soup (or as she says,“What to do with a Gigantic Squash”) that is a perfect fall recipe. The Expatriate’s Kitchen has an interesting Curried Eggplant and Long Beans that is a Thai-inspired vegetarian dish using some of the unique kinds of eggplant in season right now.

Then we have a couple of neat and easy entertaining recipes. Stop the Ride has a Tuna Spread that is great either as a dip or a canape. Then RecipesRecipe has an easy no-bake Brie with Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Next we are onto dinner time. Me-Ander has a complete meal with Quick, Easy, Healthy Cooking. Wasabi Bratwurst has an intriguing Beef Tongue recipe. Famous Recipes has a Classic Lasagna Recipe.

We have a great grouping of chicken dinner recipes. Cyndi over at Busy Family Meal Planning starts up off with a Fast and delicious chicken cacciatore. Idyllic Dreams has a must try recipe called MidSummer Risotto & Monterey Chicken. Marsha at A Weight Lifted has an easy Cantonese Lemon Chicken.

Our last stop is dessert. The Phoenix Arizona East Valley Living Blog has a really easy and delicious Cherry Cream Cheese Pie. Kathee at World Famous Recipes has a delicious sounding Berry-Topped Brownie Ice Cream Cake.

That concludes this Carnival of Recipes. Thank you so much for joining me and please go read all these great recipes. Next time you should submit a recipe and play along;).

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