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6 Essentials for a Homeschool High School Graduation on Amazon Prime (from Homeschool Hangout)

Are you concerned about your homeschool high school graduate will be missing out on the experience of a high school graduation? Have no fear your homeschool high school graduation can have all the trimmings of a “normal” graduation! When children graduate from a public school it seems they always have a ton of things they need to order from a specialty store like Jostens to have a graduation ceremony so where is a homeschooler to start to just buy enough for 1 or 2 students? Have no fear, it is easy to get all the things you need for your homeschooled graduating high school students to have a pretty traditional graduation and they are all available on Amazon Prime.

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Graduation Gown, Hat & Tassel

A graduation gown with a hat and a tassel are a non-negotiable for homeschool high school graduation to feel like a traditional graduation ceremony😉. I know that I still have my tassel from my high school graduation back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Our homeschool group gets gowns from a traditional graduation event company but that isn’t the only way. You can pick up the entire gown, hat, and tassel set from Amazon for only like $25! And you can choose from all the sizes and quite a few colors. I found one specific one but there are a variety to choose from.

Graduation Sashes or Cords

When I was graduating from high school (and when I got my Associates) there were a variety of sashes and cords for different achievements. I personally had a sash in college for Cum Laude (grades) and for actually graduating during Covid😉. But in high school there were different things for honors societies and accomplishments. You can choose a variety of colors and styles on Amazon. Sashes Cords

Diploma Holder

Having a degree is kind of the whole point of doing a graduation ceremony. But that can look like a couple things. Remember, you typically never show the actual certificate😉. One option is a tube. Yes, a tube. When I graduated recently from the Junior College they handed out a tube. But it wasn’t empty, it had instructions on how to get our actual diploma😉.  They do have an elegant look and are easy to set on a shelf and can store any cords you use.

We do a diploma cover, and we get it in a boring black. We just got one from Amazon for $10 right and they do have it in other colors. Then if you can to be able to display it, you will need a frame too!

Class of 2023 Clothing

There is a ton of clothing out there for the graduating class. Do you want a sweatshirt ( ) or a t-shirt ( )? How about themed shirts ( ). You can choose a ton of different colors and styles.

Senior Yard Signs

I don’t know when yard signs became a thing, but they are. There are companies around in my area that create custom hard board graduation signs that are about 2 feet by 1 foot starting at $75. If they make it through living in the front yard, then you have to figure out how to store it as a keepsake. And I don’t want my kid’s full name and school in the front yard. Ok, mini rant over.

But I am not a total joy kill. There are a lot of yard sign and display options. You can get a 9 foot sign with a bunch of balloons for only $16! And have 3 different color choices. If you do want a spot to write a message or even put your student’s name, then there is a great set for only $20 that is actually 4 different signs.

Class Jewelry

Amazon has a ton of senior jewelry options! You don’t have to be part of a school to get something. They have pretty rings for women, necklaces, and guys rings. Frankly they are so much cheaper than any class ring that was sold in my high school. At our school it was hundreds of dollars but you can pick up a necklace for like $16 and rings for $50. The rings are totally customizable too. You can pick stones, put your school on it, and even your name.


Women’s ring

Men’s ring

As you see, it isn’t hard to have a great homeschool high school graduation! Everything can be picked up easily on Amazon with speedy Amazon Prime shipping. Frankly, I think it is much more affordable then sending your children to a public school graduation! And everything is bespoke and personal to your student (or students if you are in a group). Don’t worry that your high school homeschooled student will be missing out at all.

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