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Deep Throat eh?

Well, supposedly it has happened. Deep Throat has come out in the open. According to an article on MSNBC it is W. Mark Felt, though Woodward and Bernstein will not confirm nor deny. They claim to keep their promise and not release the source until the source dies. If it is true, it is weird to have the infamous “Deep Throat” unmasked. I am young enough that there has always been a Deep Throat. It wasn’t until just a couple years ago I found out what Deep Throat was named for;). (I cling to my few vestigies of naiveness). Well, on to a new era I suppose…..


I saw this posting on the Corner on abortion and future pregnancy. After going into early labor with my last baby, I can’t imagine knowingly taking that risk. There is research out there that it is bad for women and now on future babies… One of the biggest justification I have ever heard for abortion is “it just isn’t the right time for a baby” or “later when I am ready”. Now it seems that women who use this as a tool to control their reproduction really aren’t in control. It just furthers the old addage…”Make up you mind before the windows get steamed up”.