6 Cheap & Last Minute Adult Halloween Costume Accessories

I am not a costume person. I am not the mom who builds out her costume for Halloween or even themed parties. And frankly, neither is my husband. But it doesn’t translate to me wanting to completely snub Halloween and Halloween costumes because my kids will get a kick out of what ever I do;). But the reality is that I just started thinking about it today. Which means I don’t have time to go shopping and I don’t want to spend a lot. But wig, hat or accessory can really make a huge impact.

6 Cheap & Last Minute Adult Halloween Costume Accessories

So I have put together a list of great pieces that are all available with free Amazon Prime 2 day shipping!

1. Roman Laurel Wreath: This is great for anyone and easy to store for later use. I think I would also use this for a history unit;).

2. Court Jester/Elf Hat: This fun piece does double, no triple, duty with Halloween, Christmas, and Mardi Gras!

3. Pharaoh’s Hat: I mean, who doesn’t love a Pharaoh’s hat? It make a costume.

4. Caveman Wig and Beard: Do you really need anything more? Including a jacket to keep warm, I think that get up has you covered.

5. Hot Pink Bob Wig: Who doesn’t want to have a cute and funky wig. It will also store great without a lot of length to get tangled.

6. Doctor Who Fez & Bowtie: It is Doctor Who. This will get a ton of use in any geek household. Need I really say more?


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