The Cobblestone Of Minecraft


This is one of the most important items in all of Minecraft if you have wood, cobblestone and food you will probably never want for anything. If you look around anywhere under ground you will find Cobblestone.

When you cook Cobblestone it turns into stone which is what you mine Cobblestone out of. I really like the look of Stone so I use it a lot. If you don’t care about what your buildings look like at all like NerdDad than you really have no use for Stone at all except to mine Cobblestone from it.

There are a lot of things that you can build with Cobblestone so I am just going to run with the basics. I like to put stairs on me staircases when I have extra Cobblestone which make it so that when I go up my staircase you don’t have to jump you can just walk straight up and it will make you go up a lot quicker. to make it you will put Cobblestone on the bottom row, on the middle middle and right, and on the top right.

I like to use Cobblestone slabs for decorating. They are really good for making pools and fountains because they add a lot of layers that you don’t get with the regular blocks. I like to make the steps into my pool with Cobblestone slabs because you can walk up them like stairs because they take up only half a block worth of space. To make it you just need to put a layer of Cobblestone across the middle of the crafting table.

You can do a lot with cobblestone and I hope you will look around to find out what else you can build with it.


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