Coco: A thanksgiving movie.

The latest movie from Disney-Pixar after a year and a half is finally here; Coco! I, Nerdster, and my sister Nerdpud are here to tell you about some of our favorite parts of the movie.

Nerdpud: Coco was better than I thought. The animation and drawing were great and the story is good. My want to see Coco started when Roblox hosted an event about it. There was a funny video of a Xolo dog, like Dante in the movie, touring Pixar Animation Studios. I also found the setting interesting when I read a book called Ghosts, By Raina Telgemier. That is where I learned about Dia De Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, and ofrendas. An ofrendas is a table decorated with a framed photo of someone and lots of offerings. There was some Spanish words, some that I knew like gracias (thank you) or si (yes). There were other Spanish words that I didn’t recognize, but caught their meaning because of the good flow between Spanish and English. I really enjoyed the movie!

Nerdster: I really enjoyed Coco. I was telling Nerdmom that she would love it and was right. I fell in love with this movie when I first heard about it. The trailers were vibrant and comical, and the drawing was amazing. My excitement grew when the Roblox Coco Event (now over) came. I went through and played every game in one day. When I finally saw the movie, it was even better than it was put up to be! While the story and background were set comically, the people and objects were very realistic and cool! The story revolves around one concept; remembering family. The main character, Miguel, had a great-great-Grandpa that his family had all but forgotten, and Miguel was just like him, but his family hates music because of that man. Miguel goes on a quest of self-discovery, taking him to the underworld. The music is great, and they move from Spanish to English often enough you get what they are saying. It is an amazing movie!

So now you know. I hope you enjoy as much as my family. See Coco in theaters now, and never forget your ancestors.

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