Contesting Monday 12/1

Contesting Monday2

Apparently it is December already. I say apparently because I am denying it;). The year can’t almost be over… I have so much to do. But winning some awesome things would help make this all a little easier. At least emotionally;).

So here is the deal. If you are hosting a giveaway or have a post about someone’s giveaway just leave a link. Make sure this link is to the giveaway post itself and not just the blog or it will be deleted. If you listed it last week but your giveaway is still open, list it again! Also your link must be to something family friendly or it will be deleted.

So now you need to add your giveaways and go enter some giveaways! Let them know that Contesting Monday sent you!

And this week is special because this linky is also being hosting over at Robyn’s Online World! You only have to add it once to be seen at both sites!

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