Crio Bru Review: Brewing Cocoa

Crio Bru

This last week I was so excited to receive some samples of Crio Bru to review. This is a cocoa beverage that is brewed in a coffee maker just like coffee grounds. This intrigued me to no end!

Here is the gist. They roast and grind the cocoa beans then you brew it in your coffee maker (be it drip or press).  The beverage is 10 calories, unsweetened and gluten free. You can even reuse the grounds! You just had half again of new to go with it.

Ok, so that is all the official stuff. Lets get  into my actual experience.

First off, there are brewing instruction on the back of the package that are similar to coffee. It calls for 2 tablespoons per cup. But I recommend brewing it however you brew your coffee! I like weak coffee and I found it a little strong and bitter for my taste. I then brewed it according to my wimpy coffee standards and it was perfect!

This should be sold for fragrance in addition to taste! My kids were so disappointed that the smell was not a sign of baking. And it is quite tasty too! Each variety really does have its own taste! The Cavalla was sweeter to me with hints of coconut. The Maya reminded me of those really high quality truffles with hints of spice with the sweetness of vanilla to balance it.

This is a really delicious way to meet your chocolate cravings and to relax. I highly recommend it. I am even contemplating switching out my coffee (now that is dedication;).

Have you tried Crio Bru? I am curious to what you all thought! Let me know in the comments! Anything you are curious about that I didn’t mention? Leave your questions in the comments and I will let you know!

*Update: You can get this online or at a few shops in the Midwest.

(Disclosure: I am a participating Influencer at The Entertainment New Media Network. I have received free product for review to facilitate this post. I was not compensated for this review and all expressed opinions are strictly my own.)



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