CVT: Bird Feeders for All Ages

Home made bird feeders are so much fun!!! And so cheap and easy. I have 3 different sets of bird feeders you can make. Choose based on the age of your child, how much you want to help and the materials you have on hand!

I have Bird Feeders Even Toddlers Can Make! All you need is Cheerios and some odds and ends. There are also Peanut Butter Bird Feeders for young students that need peanut butter and bird seed! There is even Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders that you can fill with anything!!!

These feeders make a great jumping off point for bird watching or the beginning of a bird unit!!!

(Welcome if you are coming here after seeing me on Central Valley Today! The links will take you to the various bird feeders I showed on KSEE 24 today!)

One thought on “CVT: Bird Feeders for All Ages”

  1. I like ideas that involve the body and mind to teach like this activity. ..especially for the hands on learners . We mix 1 part sugar to four parts water (boil it 5 minutes, and let cool), and put it into humming bird feeders placed just outside our living room window .

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