How to Decorate Your House in Minecraft: Part 2 With Dyes


This is my second post on decor and this one’s a doozy because I am talking about dyes! These are so cool because you can make rooms look totally different with carpet and wool. You can take a regular carpeted room and make it green or pink on your preference.  I am going to talk about the applications for generic dyes then I am going to outline the different recipes.

You can dye wool 2 ways. You can dye the sheep itself then any wool you shear off it will be that color if you breed 2 colored sheep the baby will be one of the parent’s colors or a mix of the 2. Neat trick take a name tag (found in dungeons) and put the name jed_ with a anvil and name a sheep it you will get a cool surprise. Or you can dye one piece at a time by putting a wool block on the crafting table with the dye (unless you only need one dye a sheep). You can also dye harden clay the same way. These are all the different colors and the different ingredients to make them. these are only some ways and some dyes.These are not all of them experiment to find the others.

Rose Red:

  • poppy
  • rose bush
  • red tulip


  • orange tulip


  • Dandelion
  • Sunflower

Cactus Green:

  • cactus(heat it in the furnace)


  • lapis lazuli

Light Blue:

  • Blue orchid


  • Lilac
  • Alium



  • rose bush 
  • pink tulip


  • Bone meal


  • Squid ink

And these are all the dyes you need to make cool designs. You can also dye leather armour to make lots of colors. And you can dye hardened clay (take clay which you find in rivers and make a block and cook the block in the furnace) to make stained clay. You can use stained clay or hardened clay like cobblestone in building though the colors will be really dark in the stained clay. If you want to know ore about dyes go to the Minecraft wiki. I love the Minecraft wiki because it is my  best resource on anything Minecraft I don’t know.

Be sure to let me know any new dyes you discover.    



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