How To Decorate Your House In Minecraft: Part 3 Bringing it Together


This time I am doing every thing else with decor that didn’t go with the other posts. First I am going to give you a couple really cool items that are essential to a great home in my opinion. A quick tip: you can stain glass and glass panes and make them that much nicer.

Flower Pot: These are so cool because you can make a room look so different by changing the flowers in this flower pot. It is made like a bucket but with bricks. Bricks are made by taking a clay piece and putting it in the furnace to make it a brick(neat tip you can make a brick block by making a square with 4 pieces on the crafting interface) and you make it brick on the bottom middle and middle left and right. To put a flower in it right click like you are placing a block

Item Frame: This is like a picture but you decide what is shown. to make it make a picture but put a piece of leather instead of the wool. The item frame is cool because

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