Easy Crockpot Cleaning

Gross right? I had made a nice pork roast low and slow and then we had to run off to church! The next day this monster faced me and I know I am not the only one who has found myself in this predicament! So what is the easiest way to dispatch this mess?? Ah, that is a super easy secret!

First, dump all the goop and liquid out!
Fill with soapy water of any temperature! Then turn on the crockpot on high.
15 minutes or so later scrub it out with a kitchen brush and dump the water out. Seriously, that is all that has happened here.
Then rinse and dry! That is it. And while the crockpot is on you can clean the rest of the kitchen.

Every so often in order to deal with staining, that seems common with pinto beans, I take a green scrubbie sponge and either some Comet or baking soda to it. Just scrub it out and it should look a lot better! That is it! You can clean your crock pot in just a couple of minutes just by multi tasking!

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