How to Enchant Your Minecraft Tools


This week’s post is all about the lesser known enchantments  that you can put it on tools. I don’t use these very often but when I do they are super helpful. You need to make sure it is worth it tho because once I enchanted a bunch of cobblestone tools. Then they broke in about one night. I suggest you only enchant tools that are iron and above. But it does depend on what you are going to be using the tools on.

Silk touch

This enchantment is the best because it is the only way to get glass that has been placed or bookshelf’s. It can be put on a pickaxe, shovel, or axe. And can dig out a lot of different things like monster eggs and will dig out a bunch of different things as blocks like redstone ore instead of a couple of redstone pieces.


I think that this is awesome because it can extend the life of your tools. I usually use this on diamond tools because this will extend the life of them and diamonds are super hard to find. You can get this at different levels because you can extend the life of the tool by different amounts. This enchantment you can use on armor,weapons and tools.


This is good because you can get more items. This means that the things that you would only get some of the time like gravel and things from zombies. It can be fortune one or fortune two and both of them are helpful. It can be put on the pickaxes, shovel and axe. 


This is awesome because you can make your tools mendable. If your item with mending is on you or in your hand and you get xp it will go into the item if it is damaged and mend it. It can be used on all tools, armor, and weapons.

I hope that these enchantments are going to help you with your Minecraft projects. Let me know what you want to learn next.


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