Minecraft: The End and The Ender Dragon

The End of Minecraft

(The End) the mysterious third dimension of Minecraft that holds The Ender Dragon. It is the place that you go when you have mastered most of the game. The Ender Dragon only gives you experience and ultimate bragging rights but he is still pretty fun to beat. But first you need to get there.

How To Get To The End

1)Get your self about 20 Ender pearls which you get killing Ender men.

2) Get some blaze rods (by killing blazes) and turn your Ender pearls into eyes of ender(one blaze powder on the middle left and a Ender pearl in the middle.

3)Here is the tricky bit, throw out an eye of Ender and it will float to the nearest portal which will be under ground. Some times you can pick up the eye, repeat till the eyes won’t move.

4) Dig down, but not straight down, till you find the portal.

5)Put eyes in every portal block put the last one in while you are standing in the portal frame jump into the portal but be warned that this is a one way trip  onless you defeat the Ender Dragon

 The end is mostly made of Endstone (which is blast proof) with some obsidian pillars. The only mobs in the End except for the Ender Dragon are lots of Ender men which can spawn in the normal world and the End. Now I’m going to show you some things you need to know to defeat the Ender Dragon.

Things you need to know about the Ender Dragon

1)There are crystals on the tops of the obsidian pillar that when the Ender Dragosns near them they restore his health but if you break the crystals while he is still conected to them he will be hurt, these crystal just need 1 arrow in them to blow up.

2)The Ender Dragon attacks by swooping down and breathing flames at you, He goes within sword range though.

3)The Ender Dragon is hostile and will start attacking you  as soon as you are there.

4) Beds blow up in the End when you try to sleep in them, you can use them as weapons by blow in a bed up when he gets near.

5)The Ender Dragon has 20 hearts and you can see how healthy he is on a bar across the screen when he gets close.

I hope now you know every thing about the End that you wished to know        


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