The Ender Beasts Of Minecraft

Ender Beasts

Today I am going to talk about a couple of monsters that haven’t really been highlighted much before and a little bit on one that is very important. I am talking about The Endermen, Endermites and The Ender Dragon. These all have a big power range but no one notices them much except for the big GrandDaddy to them all The Ender Dragon. First I am going to talk about the mysterious Endermen.

Ender Man

These are helpful because they can give you ender pearls. Enderpearls will teleport you to where you throw them. If you combined blaze powder and an ender pearl you will get an eye of ender that is what you need to unlock the End. Endermen can teleport within a 32 block area as long as they can see it and it is 3 or more blocks high. So you can just make a cage that is 3 blocks high but once you get the endermen in it you make the exit only 2 blocks high. Endermen also eat blocks out of the landscape which locks really weird.


These are strange little creatures that I haven’t really met before but they are very interesting. They only spawn once in awhile where something has teleported. They are like little cubes that bounce around. If they touch you they hurt you and they are pretty fast. They also drop ender pearls.

The Ender Dragon

This is often called the big boss of minecraft. I have one piece of advice. Don’t go till you have everything and the kitchen sink to throw at it. You can never have too much stuff to try to kill it. If you want to learn more click here

I hope that you got to learn more about the Ender beasts. Please let me know if there is any thing about minecraft you want to learn.


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